The Oyster Company of Virginia has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to the Reeftek HORM, now known as the OCVA/Reeftek “Oyster Eco Reef Module” (OERM).

This proprietary/ patent pending* engineered designed concrete reef module has over a decade of proof of concept, scientific analysis and testing in the Rappahannock river.

Its purpose is to accelerate the propagation of oysters, hooked mussels and other “Filter Feeding” organisms for eco reef restoration and as an exceptional natural nutrient reduction solution.

OCVA/Reeftek has developed the Aqua Farm Program designed to be deployed and monitored for maximum results in site specific sub tidal tributaries. OCVA/Reeftek’s In Situ Nutrient Reduction Programs allow for real results that can be monetized in a sustainable financial matrix, including Nutrient Credit Trading Programs.